If you haven’t seen, Presley Gerber (son of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber) got a face tattoo. “Misunderstood.” And maybe, at 20, he does feel misunderstood. Face tats have definitely worked for Post Malone’s image – people dress up like him for Halloween. As many people point out, Presley is a model, so a face tat might hinder his job prospects. For a run-of-the-mill person I would agree, but look at his pedigree. When Presley is being booked, his name is a big part of that. Which might make him feel… misunderstood. Oh and he went on Instagram live and offered to give his address to anyone who has a problem with his new ink. Presley Gerber is in the “come at me, bro” stage of his white boy development. 


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Simone Johnson is entering the family business and has signed with WWE. My kids sometimes watch wrestling and, very rarely, The Rock will pop up (usually when he has a movie to promote, which is a no brainer). I definitely think he will be there to intro her. There’s an established footprint for her, as Ric Flair’s daughter Charlotte is a championship wrestler, and she turned his personality (the capes, the “whooo!”) into her own. Can Simone raise one eyebrow? 


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With the Oscars takeover, the stories about Pamela Anderson’s ill-fated fifth marriage are kind of buried, so let’s catch up. Last week, sources told Page Six that after a day and a half, she realized she made a grave mistake and left.

Just a few days ago, John’s camp retaliated and said she spent half of their marriage in Canada (so, like, five days) and he broke up with her over text. She responded with a kiss-face emoji. Now he’s telling PEOPLE that he paid off her debts before they got married. The way he tells it, he was engaged when Pam allegedly texted him to propose marriage and he left his fiancé for her. (Totally normal response to being texted by Pamela Anderson.) He says he paid off $200k of Pam’s debt and feels used. A measly $200k to be married to a legend? A bargain! John, what are you crying about? You get to be on her Wiki page forever. (For her part, Pamela denies the money and says he is just trying to get attention.)


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As I mentioned around the Golden Globes, Dolce & Gabbana is making a strong comeback on the red carpet. Mindy Kaling wore it to the Oscars, and it had a good showing at the after parties (Reese Witherspoon in a terrible cocktail dress, Aaron Paul, Holland Taylor, Rachel Brosnahan, Sara Foster). There is a story in Business of Fashion, “How Dolce & Gabbana Clawed It’s Way Back from Cancellation” and it’s an interesting read on behind-the-scenes connections and the role of stylists, some of whom were happy to publicly denounce D&G, and then dress their clients in it half a year later. 


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Lea Michele wanted to wish Emma Roberts a Happy Birthday and it’s not like they starred in a TV show together or are famous actors who have literally hundreds of photos available. Nope, she had to go back to the wedding archives (this is her reception dress – yes, it’s sad I know that). How else would she wish someone a Happy Birthday if not with a photo of her wedding?!?!?!


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Rita Wilson narrates Oscar night like she’s a seat filler – it’s very unassuming for someone who has a permanent front row seat. What time did her hair and makeup team show up, 6 am? She wasn’t taking any chances this time. Tom Ford typically only dresses one person for the Oscars and this year it was Rita. There were two Tom Ford tuxes - Tom Hanks and Oscar Isaac. 


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This Marc Jacobs suit is fantastic on Julia Louis-Dreyfus. It’s floral but not overtly feminine and perfectly tailored to her. She always looks damn good, but she doesn’t experiment a lot with print or colour on the red carpet. This is just off-kilter enough to stand out, but doesn’t overpower her. 


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