Cameo is the weirdest place on the Internet: a mix of nostalgic acts, reality TV people, retired athletes, YouTubers and breakout stars (like Jerry from Cheer). But it got me thinking about Fyre Festival – outside of the festival, wasn’t the point of Fyre (the website) to be a booking portal for celebrities? If you wanted to book Ja Rule for a party, you would use the Fyre website. (Any party planner who books talent like that can tell you that it is a massive headache to deal with multiple levels of agents, managers, assistants etc., even for a minor celebrity.) Fyre was a solid idea that was ruined by the party that was meant to launch it. Cameo has executed that concept but on a micro level, as the personalities send personalized messages.

James Van Der Beek, who has truly gone many level of celebrities, from teen heartthrob to satirical version of himself to Dancing With the Stars contestant,  is on it and will create a video message for $200. What would you ask Dawson to say? Will he make the face for a fee?


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Sophie Turner has posted since the first time her pregnancy was announced, but didn’t acknowledge it. I think she will save it all, maybe even for a baby photo. 


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Is he going to drop a collaboration with Pottery Barn soon? Actually that’s not Seth’s style, he probably sells that at a small store in Vancouver without his name on them. 


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The Rock and his business partner Dany Garcia are launching Athleticon, a mix of sports and entertainment and wellness. So like a goop conference with muscles?


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They enhanced Cardi’s fart?!

Social media is not a safe space on Valentine’s Day. It’s the day that you have to log on to see a co-worker whose boyfriend cheated on her (you found her hysterically crying and you were there for her and then she dropped you when they made up) post photos like, “I lOve this NeRd & hE is tHe BesT” and you will want to say something, but you can’t. Stay strong.


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Rihanna and her fans love to goad each other about the new album. This was in her stories last night – do we believe it or is she f-cking with everyone?