Christmastime is when Mimi expends all of her energy – I imagine she spends most of January recovering in some kind of hyperbaric skinny chamber. That’s why her Valentine’s Day is so subdued. How do we even know this photo was specifically taken for Valentine’s Day? Lounging in a red dress while being stroked by a red rose is a regular Tuesday morning for her. 


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The way baby photos are released has changed so much in the last 20 years: they went from grainy pap shots to glossy magazine covers (paid, like OK! and PEOPLE or prestige like Vanity Fair) to social media. Because of the way media has evolved, cashflow is not what it used to be – why would a magazine pay top dollar for a photo that will be all over social media in 10 minutes? It’s not an investment that offers a lot of return. I’m curious to know how much, if at all, Andy Cohen was paid for these shots. For him, I think the point of the cover goes beyond attention for himself and his child – he is the first gay single dad to be featured on the cover of a space that’s reserved for the most MiniVan Majority stars (like Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, Jessica Simpson). Now he’s one of them, too. 


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I thought Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra would go over-the-top for Valentine’s Day but I had the wrong Jonas – it’s Joe who threw a party for Sophie Turner (her birthday is later this month). 


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Vogue photo shoots have gotten so dull. Absolutely nothing differentiates this picture from the thousands of photos on Instagram. 


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Many of you messaged me about Niall’s possible snack status with a majority insisting that yes, he falls under that category. So it is decreed as such, for now. Remember, snack status is not a lifetime appointment.  


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The Weeknd and Bella had a Valentine’s Day that looks like it was designed by the 50 Shades of Grey set team (see the photos here). I checked in on Gigi and Zayn and there’s no activity (she was last spotted leaving his apartment in mid-January), but she did post a playlist on her stories with songs like Lucky (Britney Spears), Eastside (Halsey) and Bidi Bidi Bom Bom (Selena) and he posted a broody photo of himself (there is no other kind when it comes to Zayn). Are they communicating with one another or ignoring each other on social media, which is its own form of communication.


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There was a Grammy viewing party that I’ve been meaning to mention – Steven Tyler’s fundraiser for Janie’s Fund, a “philanthropic initiative created by Steven Tyler in partnership with Youth Villages to bring hope and healing to girls who have suffered the trauma of abuse and neglect.” At the opening, instead of cutting through ribbon, he cut through… scarves. The logo has a microphone in it (because it’s named for "Janie’s Gotta Gun"). But that’s the superficial stuff – there’s also the fact that at the height of his rock stardom in the 1970s, he acted as a guardian to a teen girl so she could travel with him on tour. You can read more about what happened next here. Every time one of these stories comes out, people are like “oh it was a different time.” Yes, our acceptance of what is and isn’t appropriate has evolved since then, but there is no way needing a parent’s permission to take your girlfriend across state lines was ever normal. 


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