Yesterday Lainey wrote about Tom Cruise’s reception at the Oscars luncheon and I’m loving these photos. And this is the thing I can appreciate about Tom: he saw Michelle Yeoh’s movie. He’s probably seen all of her movies, actually. Tom loves the pictures! 


OK so I’m not super up on Marvel but I know when Black Panther: Wakanda Forever was being promoted, actress Letitia Wright’s views on vaccines were mentioned with some frequency (remember this Hollywood Reporter piece?). But here’s what’s interesting: Evangeline Lily has been extremely vocal about her stance on mandates, even attending anti-vaxx rallies. Yet you don’t hear much about it. If we are talking about the impact of this, white women have been at the forefront of that movement for many years. She still has a post on her Instagram that requires a disclaimer. Hmmmm. Interesting on who gets a pass and who gets a public scolding, right?


I don’t get hyped up over “first looks” because really, what am I looking at here? It has no context. But this is Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn with Joaquin Phoenix back as the Joker. 


Marc Anthony is having his seventh child at 54 (his new wife is 23). She was born in 1999. OK. 


Do you know Luke and Sassy Scott? Am I late to the Luke and Sassy Scott party? If you have siblings, you know the specific taunting that is happening – the more sassy Scott gets, the more satisfaction for Luke. These are the kind of fights you can only have with someone who knows how to make you regress to an angry teenager. This specific fight is about milk (and a safety fence!) but it could be about anything: not changing the toilet paper roll, leaving the family car with an empty gas tank, borrowing a favourite sweater without asking. It’s feral. This is the kind of energy reality TV producers are constantly trying to replicate and it doesn’t work unless it’s personal. And what’s more personal than family?


Watch my brother go from 0 to 100🥛 #sassy #funny #brother #milk #fyp #0to100

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