When I first read about Eat the Book, I thought it was a cookbook book club, but it’s not quite that. It’s a series that pairs an author with a chef and mixologist to create a meal around a book (like Jasmine Guillory’s The Proposal). When Reese Witherspoon loves a book, she goes hard for it and promotes it with endless enthusiasm, which is why a spot on her list is so coveted. Younger (a TV show about the publishing world) had a whole storyline centered around her media company, Hello Sunshine.


Courtney Love doing a Dave Grohl appreciation post – who would have thought we’d see the day.

Millennials and zillennials are fighting about skinny jeans and side parts and Gen X is in the corner quietly enjoying our plaid jackets and combat boots.


Jennifer Garner is in quarantine in Vancouver and enjoyed a typical Vancouver snow day (looks pretty for a few hours, melts quickly). I also heard Jon Hamm is in town filming a movie and while, yes, he has a girlfriend and I’m not trying to start anything but have we considered this? I know Lainey has wanted to Gossip Genie him with Jennifer Aniston. But are Hamm and Affleck friends? 

Not the throwback I was expecting (flip to second slide). 


Janet Jackson hasn’t commented directly on the Justin Timberlake apology but she’s made a point to acknowledge her fans for making Control the #1 album on Apple Music. The dance challenges people are posting are unreal.


The Britney conversation continues online and it’s a tricky thing to discuss in bits and pieces because there are so many moving parts and characters motivated by different things. When Britney was at her most vulnerable, it wasn’t just the press that took advantage of her, but a few shady individuals who saw an opportunity to get close to her and took it. And just because they aren’t on her father’s side doesn’t make them the good guys by default. I am pretty much suspicious of anyone who hasn’t seen her in years and tries to capitalize on their long-past relationship. And it would be nice if we (media, the public) learned a lesson from the bad years and stopped giving these people air.