This is JLo on vacation, after she probably let loose and ate the food she couldn’t while training. This is her in her relaxed state, or as relaxed and “let go” as she allows herself to be. 


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The Beckhams sat front row (next to Anna Wintour) at Victoria’s London Fashion Week show, which is standard. One person who didn’t make it is Derek Blasberg, even though he is in London for the shows. For a minute, he and Victoria were pretty tight; her YouTube channel didn’t go anywhere, but many of them haven’t.

Derek is YouTube’s fashion and beauty ambassador and is supposed to draw big names into creating video content. He has the roster, for sure, but does he have the clicks? He goes months between posts and even big names, like Reese Witherspoon, are getting under 15k hits. He has worked with a lot of brands and I’m so curious what the ROI is on Derek Blasberg’s brand.


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AITA (Am I The Asshole?) on Reddit is the wildest place on the Internet, full of people who are ginormous assholes and don’t know it. Take for instance a boyfriend who insisted on sorting his girlfriend into Slytherin, even though she’s Gryffindor. Now I’m mad about Ron and Hermione all over again. A total mismatch, he would only hold her back!


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The standard Instagram comment used to be “Come to Brazil.” That has been replaced with “Hey guys I’m a producer…”  - where are all these producers coming from? And if you think Cole Sprouse’s face mask looks too goopy, it’s a peel, so the video is satisfying if you’re a sicko who’s into that kind of thing (Lainey). 


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Dead To Me is in post-production, which means new episodes in the spring, hopefully?


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If they based casting the Penguin on who can best wear a tux, it would definitely be Natasha Lyonne. She would make an amazing and very stylish villain.