Gwyneth Paltrow held a “makeup free” party for Goop because expensive skin care is the new makeup. (Because it’s obvious and many people in the comments were pointing it out, yes Rachel Zoe said in her story that she is wearing eye and lip makeup and it was hard for her to go bare.) Of course GP is friends with Keanu’s girlfriend!


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While Ben Affleck has been giving deep interviews, he’s also mentioned the other love of his life – Tom Brady. I don’t follow sports but even I know that there’s something going on with where Tom Brady will play. All Ben can get out of him is the shrug emoji.


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Justin Bieber’s Changes promo has been full-on but also quite controlled – most of the private info coming out is via his documentary and he’s booked a week with James Corden, which is a safe space. Every revelation has been carefully controlled by Bieber.

It’s actually quite similar to what Taylor Swift did with Lover promo (the Miss Americana documentary and various TV appearances, without an in-depth magazine profile). Her one big interview, with Variety, was more in support of Sundance than the album. There’s a lot of navel-gazing accessibility with both of them, which is possibly a by-product of so much success at such a young age. Baby came out when Justin was 15, and Speak Now came out when Taylor was 16. There are actually a lot of similarities between them but a friendship, a full-on public reconciliation, couldn’t happen in this cycle. I wonder if they genuinely dislike each other or if they dislike their dynamic. 


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Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his husband Justin Mikita are expecting a baby and a friend threw them a shower (with synchronized swimmers performing to Britney Spears). Sofia Vergara and Sarah Hyland were there, and this is where I get curious. Modern Family is a fairly large cast that has worked together for a long time, so why did only two of his co-stars get the invite? Did others not make it? What’s the etiquette here when you see people every single day.


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Courtney Love’s post is about the NME Awards, but is that Billie Joe from Green Day?  It has to be. How many Billie Joe’s are there in Courtney Love’s phone.


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When Megan Thee Stallion leaves you on read.


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Kate Bosworth was part of the OG mocktresses – the first group of actresses to expand into lifestyle and get paid to attend events and have their photo taken (all before Instagram). But she hasn’t parlayed it into a brand or product line. Instead, she’s still making appearances and attending parties. She posted a video of how she styles herself, which dresses are available to her (she still gets quite a lot of options) and driving around to pull jewels and accessories. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be glamorous because it just seems like running a lot of errands. An actress of this level, where does she go? Keep hoping for a Netflix series, or just enjoy the parties and get out of the auditioning cycle?


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