Gwyneth Paltrow recently interviewed Julia Louis-Dreyfus for her podcast and I just listened to it yesterday. JLD is so talented and so accomplished and so humble, she really is just about the day-in-day-out grind of the work, rather than the fame side. Also, she’s a true blue blood (G kept referring to it as her “stock,” which Julia didn’t seem interested in). But what was most entertaining to me is how they didn’t get into a flow. It was pleasant, but G kept trying to draw JLD into her interests (Julia telling Gwyneth she doesn’t care about cooking or food made me chuckle). Julia hadn’t a clue about anything related to GP – not that she was remarried or her husband’s name. But why would she? An interviewee doesn’t usually go into a situation knowing information about the host. But because G is famous, it changes the expectation.

When GP interviews Julia Roberts or someone like that, they’re all friends who text and belong into an exclusive club. JLD doesn’t seem part of, or interested in, that kind of chumminess. When Gwyneth compared Julia to Sascha Seinfeld, I cringed. I think it’s the hardest I’ve seen (or heard) GP try. 


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Professor Robert Kelly appeared on Sky News to talk about a very serious topic and I was fixated on the door. I was waiting for her to burst through, all swagger, in a yellow jumper with elbow patches, carrying a snack. Where is she? At school? Can they not schedule these things at a time when she is home? Not to say she would even want to be on camera – she picks and chooses her moments, obviously. We miss her, but she doesn’t necessarily miss us.



Yolanda Hadid walked the runway with Gigi and Bella in Paris, and because so many models have famous/hot parents, I could see this becoming a trend. It’s also great press for the brand.

How much would it cost to get Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber together? It has happened once, at Versace, but that was a special anniversary and Cindy has a connection to the family. 


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Nick Kroll has no business looking handsome with clip-on sunglasses, a cardinal sin. Is it the shirt? Something very zaddy-ish going on here. 


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The classic question about being stuck on a desert island is which book or music would you bring. Well let’s assume the island has WiFi, what are we watching? There’s no way I’m taking a shot at a new show, but I’m torn between Friday Night Lights and The Sopranos. Coach and Tami Taylor might be comforting during a medical apocalypse, but Janice would keep my spirits up. Tough call.



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