Selena Gomez is launching a makeup line, Rare. She announced it on Instagram because, as she said, the news was about to leak. In the voiceover, she talks about uniqueness and individuality and says, “You’re not defined by a photo, a like, or a comment.” Selena has continually spoken about the toxicity of social media, despite having one of the most followed accounts in the world. I can see how that noise is destructive and unhealthy, but, when she has a new song or line to promote, she goes to Instagram. All those “likes and comments” drive her commercial value. It’s not like she can take an ad out in the newspaper and get the same kind of engagement. Instagram is one of her work, as well as a big bad place she avoids. 

But back to the makeup line: it’s a very competitive market, particularly because every new celebrity line will be compared to the big two celebrity lines (Rihanna and Kylie Jenner). The commitment it takes to launch – and sustain – a beauty brand is not like a one-off collaboration. Rihanna rarely posts anything personal on Instagram, but she is consistently promoting Savage x Fenty and new products from Fenty Beauty. Disappearing off social media or deleting an account for months at a time would not be good for business. Navigating this for Selena will be a delicate balance.


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Katie Holmes looks incredible here. She looks really good in black. I know that’s supposed to be a universal thing, but the fashion world led us astray with the “black is a neutral that suits everyone” advice. It’s not. In fact, after 30 seconds of Googling I found this article, which talks about the colours that truly look good on everyone. Yes to eggplant! (But I’m a no on red.) 


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Demi Moore also looks great in black. She did a makeup video with Gucci Westman and Demi doesn’t wear all-over foundation, only in spots she needs it. The greatness of the work she got done (whatever it is) is that it’s subtle and effective in keeping her face as is; she’s not getting tighter and plumped up as time goes on, which is a trap many fall into. Maybe she stayed away from the most obvious zones, like the lips. That’s always a dead giveaway.


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Madonna is on Instagram calling Canada boring. Are we supposed to be mad about this? Of course Canada is not Madonna’s speed. And we all remember what happened in Toronto in 1990.

The only thing that surprised me about this video is that her New York City apartment is only a two bedroom. 


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Spoiler-free thought on The Good Place finale: Did you see what t-shirt Maya Rudolph, the all-knowing Judge, was wearing? East Dillon Lions. That won’t mean anything to some people but for those who know, we feel that, right? It would be too basic to wear a Dillon Panthers shirt. Do you think Maya had a choice in the shirt? I do. I think she’s a big Friday Night Lights fan and watches it with Paul Thomas Anderson. (This is an old photo, but look how happy Martin Short is!)


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I told someone that Diplo wears hair extensions and they were like “no way, his hair is too stringy.” He does! (Flip to the second photo.)


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Honey, I Shrunk the Kids is being rebooted with Josh Gad (playing the grown-up version of the child who was shrunk); Rick Moranis may come out of retirement to reprise his role as the father (Disney has now denied it). Pajiba has the breakdown of the storyline (via Disney Insider) and sh-t this is dark


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