Bringing this quote up again because it is so Gwyneth to forget she starred in Country Strong. There was a whole soundtrack and she performed at the CMAs! I’m not even going to get into Mordecai. 


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She changed the caption, but I really wish she hadn’t. It was perfect.


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Some of the Game of Thrones cast was at the SAG awards but it’s so over, isn’t it?

Even if we still individually love the actors, no one is talking about this show anymore because its cultural impact was completely negated by the last season. It’s the Avatar of prestige TV – a monster commercial hit no one cares about now.


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Adam Driver is a Generation X It Guy and I wonder what David Fincher thinks? The Sony hack of 2014 feels like it happened in another lifetime, but there are gossip bits that still resonate, like David calling Adam’s casting in Star Wars a “terrible idea". Wonder if they ever run into each other.


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Vanessa Hudgens wore an extra dress and is posting thirst traps. A post-breakup glow-up! Let’s Gossip Genie her with a Chris. There are a few single ones right now.


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Halsey’s new song “You Should Be Sad” off Manic has the lyrics “I'm so glad I never ever had a baby with you / 'Cause you can't love nothing unless there's something in it for you".

She and G-Eazy had a bad a breakup and although it was probably sh-tty to live through, it really produced some bangers (like “Without You”). It’s probably even more satisfying because she’s in a sweet spot right now: a breakup song on the radio and a new-ish boyfriend. 


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Lindsay Lohan is binge-ing Succession – how long until she’s tweeting at HBO to cast her? 


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Pamela Anderson married producer Jon Peters; both have been divorced four times. The reporting of it in The Hollywood Reporter is the kind of story we don’t see a lot anymore: she submitted a poem and the groom’s quote about her is, um, interesting: “There are beautiful girls everywhere. I could have my pick, but -- for 35 years -- I’ve only wanted Pamela”. (In that 35 years, he did manage to get married, several times, and have a family, but still! He only wanted Pam. Oh and in 2011 he was ordered to pay a former assistant a $3.3 million sexual harassment settlement, which took place during the production of Superman Returns.) Ah, young love.


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