Me again, subbing in for Maria here. She’ll be back on Monday. But today is Friday and regularly on Fridays, between March and December-ish, we get a Lewis Hamilton moment. The F1 season is on hiatus right now, though, but look, here are some new shots of Lewis in LA where he’s been the last couple of weeks, at least. 


Lewis has been really, really quiet since the controversial last race of the 2021 F1 season in Abu Dhabi. People are still talking about it and they’re talking about why Lewis isn’t talking. His silence has become a topic of conversation in the F1 community. Lewis hasn’t posted on Instagram since just before the Abu Dhabi race in December. I love this about Lewis – he’s the biggest superstar in the sport. He’s a presence even when he’s not present. Let them wonder what he’s thinking, what he’s planning. It never hurt Beyoncé. Oh…and we should be seeing a trailer soon for the new season of Drive to Survive, shouldn’t we? They recently wrapped on final interviews. Maybe that’s when we’ll hear from Lewis. 

Olivia Munn and John Mulaney hung out with Liv Lo and Henry Golding. It was a baby date. Liv and Henry’s daughter, Lyla, was born in March, and Olivia and John’s son, Malcolm, was born in November. It’s the first family photo that Olivia has shared, and I think the first time John has appeared on her feed. I hope her mentions aren’t a mess. It’s babies meeting babies!

A friend of mine made me laugh when she sent me this photo of Prince William at BAFTA yesterday because initially, she was like, “OMG, Kate in loafers!” but this is not Kate. Good point though. I, too, would be pretty excited if Kate of Cambridge changed up her footwear and showed up somewhere in a pair of Oxfords. Speaking of BAFTA though, William is the symbolic head of the organisation and they’ll be announcing their nominations next week and as I’ve been saying, I’m curious to see if Kristen Stewart and Spencer secure any nominations and if not… well… you know…


Lizzo is coming. It’s not a tease, this is proper preview – and I need it now. I LOVE THIS SONG ALREADY. Please, Lizzo. Soon!? 

Lizzo’s new music is on the way, but Michael Bublé latest song, “I’ll Never Not Love You”, arrived today and the new album, higher, is coming in March. You can listen to “I’ll Never Not Love You” here. But also, did you see him do the Celine Dion TikTok Challenge earlier this week? Celine approved. 


While we’re here though, we may as well appreciate the OG: 

Charlize Theron posted a birthday tribute to her mother, and it also includes a shot of her daughters, Jackson and August. Her mother golfs? I would like to golf with her mother and talk some sh-t. 

Gigi and Bella Hadid are fronting the new Versace campaign alongside Donatella. It doesn’t get more Versace than these pieces. I do love the short shimmery dresses, especially in Grinch green. Still a thing!


It’s now time to end this post… with BTS, obviously. More nominations. And more mentions. This time… James Gunn and Peacemaker. They were namechecked on the most recent episode. Because, of course, John Cena is ARMY, but it certainly seems like James Gunn is all up in Bangtan too.