This image perfectly sums up the kookiness of The Drew Barrymore Show. Why is there a puppet? 


I had Justin Timberlake on my list for this morning, before I saw Britney’s post. (I’m not surprised she’s being nice to him, she’s a big-hearted person.) My post is about gossip revisionist history. It’s kind of annoying. Everyone was awkwardly dancing to SexyBack at weddings. Or showing their coworkers Dick in a Box on YouTube. COME ON. Sweeping his pop music dominance (and it was dominance!) under the rug is just silly. It’s more interesting to question how and why he climbed the summit rather than pretend it didn’t happen. And I think the progression of his career has been pretty typical of a popstar. The ones who create hits for decades – Michael, Madonna, Whitney, Mariah, Britney – are RARE. Very, very rare. Pop music is youth culture and they decide what is hot. Nostalgia only goes so far. It’s not like country music, with bands and singer/songwriters that go on for decades. If you look at JT’s sound and era, you can compare it to Nelly Furtado, Fergie or Akon (all top selling albums in 2006). Take a scroll through the big artists of that era and only a few are still producing hits: Beyoncé and Taylor.


Pink is still doing stadium tours but her last album is described as a “moderate success” in terms of sales. So we can say karma took him out but it’s actually something much more harsh – the march of time. 


Fashion show celebrity pairings are so random. A TikTokker can share a front row with a former secretary of state or something – there’s no rhyme or reason to it. Which is why I need to know what Julia Roberts and Jack Harlow talked about at the Jacquemus show. Did she know him? (Lainey: yes, because of her KIDS.)

Many people have a Barry Keoghan problem (including Lainey!) and if you are watching or making edits on TikTok, he told eTalk that he’s maybe seen it. Which means he’s definitely seen it. If you have time for a double whammy, Colin Farrell talking about living with Barry (who would eat all of Colin’s cereal and putting the container back).  


As I wrote lats week, Sofia Richie is very influential on social media. She announced her pregnancy in Vogue and has follow up with a gender reveal – but no party. Low-key, just her and her husband and their pup. After many mishaps and endless debates about whether or not these parties suck, will Sofia Richie be the one who finally ends gender reveal parties once and for all?


sorry to all my neighbors for the horrifying scream 😅

♬ original sound - Sofia Richie Grainge

The Sophie Turner/Joe Jonas divorce has gone quiet, which is a very good thing. It looks like they are working out custody privately and there haven’t been any leaks in quite a while. If he had any sense, he would have fired the team who was advising him at that time because they were using 2003 PR tactics in 2023. As for Sophie, she’s working and dating and now Instagram official with someone? Not a hard launch, but a launch. 


I started today talking about the difficulty in maintaining dominance on the pop charts and Katy Perry is another example of that. Huge, massive, everywhere. She played the Super Bowl. Now she has trouble charting. This isn’t to say she isn’t famous but she is not a hit factory. And that’s OK! Her shoe line is carried in a bunch of places now and she spends a fair time promoting it. Like a popstar before her (Jessica Simpson), is Katy quietly building a shoe empire?