The Crown just announced that season 5 will be its last. WHY?! It’s the Royal Family, there are plenty of stories to tell. Is it the ratings? Season three had mixed reviews; a lot of people found it disjointed and inconsistent, but some (including me) liked the stand-alone storytelling. I thought it was more like short stories rather than a novel. The next question is, what is the timeline? We already know they’ll get to Charles and Diana but what about their sons??? 

Remember when celebrities and influencers were about posting photos at the Museum of Ice Cream? Well the Britney Spears In the Zone experience is going to be that, but bigger. You can walk through her videos (like the "…Baby One More Time" classroom) and listen to a “It’s Britney, bitch” phone message.

Britney is on hiatus, so she hasn’t been doing any promo for the event but she is acknowledging it on her Instagram and reposting stories of people doing their best choreography.  This fits in very well with her brand but requires no appearances or work on her end – kind of perfect for where she is at right now. She has earned her rest.


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Elsa Pataky is on the cover of Vogue Australia with her children. The UK and American editions have done this as well with the Beckhams, Stella McCartney, Greta Gerwig, and Cardi B. It’s a trend, but what does it mean in terms of sales – are readers asking for this?


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Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife, Brandi Glanville, was on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and was in a low-budget Brange/Jennifer Aniston gossip triangle with him and LeAnn Rimes. She would talk about the “Cibrian Curse” – basically every show he does is cancelled pretty quickly. But Netflix usually releases an entire season at once, so he will at least make it past the pilot this time.


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I hate to start this, but is his suit blue or silver? 


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Because there’s been a lot of heavy news, this Michael Strahan interview in The New York Times hasn’t gotten a lot of attention, but I find it so interesting, particularly the part about working at jobs where he felt like a sidekick. It’s safe to assume he was talking about his experience with Kelly Ripa (he goes into specifics, saying she eventually declined to have meetings off-air). Live With… has had a few different host configurations, and I wonder if Kelly felt like Regis’s sidekick when she joined the show. Maybe it’s part of a larger culture.

Michael also gives Kelly credit for being very good at her job. Live With Kelly and Ryan is not my kind of show, but Kelly is excellent at making that particular type of daytime TV work with her energy, day in and day out. She’s underrated in a way because she makes it look easy.


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There’s a prankster pretending to be Billie Eilish (she walks around with security and is rude to fans who approach her). As if Billie would ever wear those raggedy-ass socks.