Miss Tina or Mama Tina, as her new show is called, declared the first day of the year her “Friend Appreciation Day” and she spammed her followers with multiple posts of her with her friends. Including Gloria Carter, mother of Shawn Carter, aka Jay-Z. 


You will note, however, that Miss Tina tagged a “Gloria Carter” in the caption which… 

As Duana texted me, specifically about this, “even when you’re the billion-dollar beginning of an entirely new genre of artist, your mom is still embarrassing”. This might be the only thing any of us has in common with Beyoncé. 

Miss Tina's comments on Instagram

“Khloe” is trending right now on Twitter because… well… in case you haven’t heard, Tristan Thompson made an announcement. Not even on his feed though, but in stories. 

Tristan Thompson's Instagram story 
Tristan Thompson's Instagram story 

As you can imagine, the social media commentary has been ruthless. 

OK but you know, this drama is happening just in time for, well, a new show. As always, the Kardashians are a self-generating content machine. 

Gwyneth Paltrow shared her “best parts of 2021” and while everyone’s talking about the photos of her kids and step-kids, my immediate focus was the “noodle donut”. I read it in the caption before seeing the photo, the third in the carousel. This dish comes from Cantonese dimsum. I am Cantonese, I’ve been eating it all my life, and I’ve never, ever heard it referred to as a “noodle donut”? We call it “yiao-tiu”, which translates, literally, to “oil stick”. It’s fried dough. And we like dunking the plain sticks in congee. At dimsum they wrap it in rice noodles, so “fried dough noodle rolls” is how I most commonly hear it. What’s with the “donut”?!


Gigi Hadid covers the new issue of V Magazine and the trapeze shots are amazing. I mean it’s one thing to trapeze, it’s another to get good face while trapezing! 

As usual, pandemic or not, St Barts is a celebrity NYE destination. There was a big yacht party the other night – Drake was there, Jeff Bezos, Leonardo DiCaprio (obviously! Leo’s always at the party!), and also Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. The Chopra-Jonases are doing good to start 2022. 


And finally, since Maria is still on holiday and this space is still mine, for now, here’s a BTS update. It’s confirmed that members RM, Jin, and Suga are now out of quarantine after testing positive for COVID. Also, a few days after his birthday, V earned a personal achievement: 

“Christmas Tree” is a song off the soundtrack of a drama called Our Beloved Summer, starring V’s close friend Choi Woo-shik, now streaming on Netflix. I LOVE this show. So much. But I have to pace myself because they only release two episodes a week. Also I am obsessed with the female lead, Kim Da-mi.