You guys, I’m back! And the social media gods have granted me Natalie Portman and Nicole Kidman, who both timed their Instagram debuts to coincide with the Time’s Up initiative. For the record, Nicole Kidman’s handle is her name (@nicolekidman) while Natalie had to go with @nportmanofficial. (It looks like there’s a fan account that took her name, and either her team didn’t care or didn’t bother to rectify that – social media companies will help celebs get their real names back if they are so inclined.) Who do you think will use it more, Natalie or Nicole? I’m going with Nicole, because of Big Little Lies and Keith Urban, she’s already acclimated to social media. 



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And here is something not related to anything in the current news cycle that is both gross and weird – who threw sh-t at Ariel Winter’s Airbnb? And why would you do that?!

A lot of people noticed that Millie Bobby Brown didn’t walk the red carpet with the rest of the Stranger Things cast of teens. I imagine this separation is not just going to continue but become more pronounced as time goes on. 

A rare Jake Gyllenhaal sighting on social media.  


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Kirstie Alley and Elisabeth Moss go way back. 

OK I’m going to need a 3-part docuseries on this chair swap. I need to know every single detail, preferably with a reenactment of the scene including a second-by-second description narrated by Morgan Freeman.

Besides the chair swap, Barbra has been active on social media for awards season. Let’s be real: there is nothing humble about Barbra (and why should there be?) including her opinion, which carries weight with Academy voters. This is a strategic show of support for Mudbound.

Selena Gomez has pared down her Instagram and now only follows a few celebrities, some charities and a couple of fan accounts. She also changed her profile pic to a photo of her mother


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I have to finish off my first post of 2018 with my muse, Liam Gallagher. At the end of 2017, it seemed the Gallagher brothers were reconciling for Christmas. It didn’t quite stick. As you were.