Jessica Simpson is “writing” a book – what do you think it will focus on? Probably her family life, but I hope she doesn’t skimp on building her business and some John Mayer sex anecdotes. 


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Lea Michele’s last 10 posts have not mentioned her wedding. Is it the end of an era?!


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Scott Eastwood is launching what I think is a clothing line – how hard is he begging his dad to appear in ads with him? 


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So a lot of people were pissed that Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston teased a reunion and it’s for a liquor company and not Breaking Bad. But Aaron replied to one commenter who said “you’ve’ ruined all our hopes” with “I wouldn’t say that my friend. Good things come to those who wait.” He also included the shush emoji, so I don’t know what is going on. But I also need to point out one other thing that has caught my attention: Aaron Paul changed his Instagram handle from @glassofwhiskey (still active with no posts) to @aaronpaul. Did he do this because of the mezcal? 


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Drew Barrymore’s family has a pet mouse and a pet bird and they get along. What would happen if you added a cat? They’d probably all chill together. 


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David Beckham has launched a media company (he also recently signed with WME) which is interesting because David isn’t exactly enigmatic on camera. It’s called Studio 99 – many of his projects contain the word 99 because it’s the year he and Victoria were married. They just celebrated their 20 year anniversary in case I haven’t mentioned it 100 times. 


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I don’t know if he’s in Paris with his family, but what do you think Matthew McConaughey sounds like in France? “Bien bienbien bien bien.” (Sorry, I don’t speak French and used Google translate for that.)


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 The Rock looks like a counsellor reassuring a nervous kid on the first day of camp. 


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