I didn’t know there was a rumour about Ashton Kutcher cheating on Mila Kunis until Ashton Kutcher posted about the rumour that he cheated on Mila Kunis. So no empty threat to sue over this tomorrow?

Who will come out with a Christian album first, Justin Bieber or Katy Perry?

Zoe Kravitz and Hugh Jackman have also visited Italy this summer (to add to this list). But Zoe is hot and wants to take her socks off. I would advise against sweaty feet and no socks, that’s how you get blisters. There’s nothing worse than getting a blister in a walking city.


Grazie di cuore!!! #Italy

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When it's too hot for socks. 😓

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🇮🇹 ( post socks ) 📽: @karlglusman

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This person is not famous but I could not stop reading this thread on Harry Potter fan fiction. Not only is there sex but they teach about birth control and the morning after pill in Potions.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson can jump really f-cking high. Is that high or am I just a rock? It seems really, really high.


📷 @samtaylorjohnson

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A campaign committee has been set up for Run the Rock 2020. We may have back-to-back Presidents who have wrestled in the WWE. What does this mean? Ric Flair 2024, obviously.

Do you have a Mike in your life? Of course, we ALL know a Mike. Did you know there’s a Mikes Club of America? I hope Duana gets a kick out of this.

I think I’ve found the one Elvis tribute Lainey will not be into. (Lainey: accurate.)