If you live with other people (particularly small ones), how do you keep your chargers from getting nicked by someone else in the house? Do you have a favourite charger? I do, I have the best charger in the house and my kids are constantly trying to steal it. And going by the comments from regular people and celebrities (Jennifer Garner wrote, “It won’t work.”) this is a common issue. This isn’t a money or class or celebrity issue, it’s a kid issue. Those goblins will unplug your work computer and plug their iPad in and feel no remorse.


Did people pre-write their dick jokes for yesterday’s “space” launch? Because Twitter was ready. 


On Monday, Lainey wrote about Adele and Rich Paul and I have no update except that as Lainey mentioned, he and Jennifer Meyer were once dealing with one another. She has a wide web of relationships and is very connected and pretty private, so is it a coincidence that she posted this the day the story broke? 

The importance of David Beckham’s hair cannot be underestimated in his post-football career. He is a “spokesperson” (model) for so many brands, including some of his own, and that may be why he isn’t as experimental with his looks as he once was. But he had to show the young kids how it’s done. He must have a lot of confidence in his hair and in his stylist to get platinum. 


Was Rachel Zoe the first famous stylist? Not famous amongst clientele, but famous enough to cover magazines and be known to those who don’t follow fashion. I think she is and that’s why she’s on WWHL and people are still wondering about her status with Brad Goreski, her former assistant, who is now a powerhouse stylist in his own right. 

Kanye West has two new posts up on Instagram, the first is a tribute to his kids and the second is a preview for his new album, Donda, which is dropping Friday. It’s Yeezy season. And I wonder if he will time this with the Gap clothing drop because I think that will sell out fast, like Ivy Park and Telfar fast. 


Sandra Oh celebrated her 50th birthday with tributes and thank yous to her friends, family, and coworkers over the years. She’s just the best, right? There’s really no other way to put it. 

Lil Nas X is so brilliant and so ahead of what every other pop star is doing today, it’s kind of wild we get to witness it. In 30 years, he will be this generation’s Prince or David Bowie or Madonna. He’s pushing the industry to a new level all by himself.