The Hollywood Reporter has a new story about Leonardo DiCaprio, calling him a “Hollywood unicorn” and the last movie star because he is bankable without branding (he doesn’t do heavy social media promotion or superheroes). Leo isn’t interviewed for the piece but Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino both are, which means it’s sanctioned. A lot is made of Leo’s “old school” tactics, like taking time off between projects. And on the set of Once Upon a Time, some crew members were instructed not to make eye contract. That is probably the biggest “I’m a movie star” cliché but because this is THR (and not InTouch), and the rest of the story is mostly complimentary, I believe the sources. So, why couldn’t some people look at Leo: Is it because he’s so intense and into his work, or is it because there were women on set over the age of 30 and he didn’t want any accidental exposure?


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The fact that Lindsay Lohan isn’t all over Nicole Richie’s Mykonos post makes me think Nicole has her blocked on Instagram. (There are a lot of comments about Nicole’s dress – it’s from House of Harlow). 


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Justin Bieber’s Pastor Posse is all over House of Drew. Are they going to start co-branding t-shirts at Hillsong?


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The Beckhams are in Miami, and I always check the British tabloids to see how they will spin it against them. The latest story is that Victoria Beckham is being pulled into Brexit “clusterf-ck” because she has been hiring “snooty” Europeans (ha!) for top-level staff at her company. I’m a dumb dumb so I don’t really know the ins and outs of Brexit, but this story seems shaky and very short on any details, so I’m calling bullsh-t.


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Airplane hygiene has been in the news because of Naomi Campbell’s wipe-down video (practical!) and the disgusting foot video. But here’s the scary thing: no matter how well you wipe it down, and how much the space is disinfected, there’s no stopping rancid air from circulating. There’s no way to avoid breathing. 


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Is Lea Michele running out of content? The wedding photos are starting to look familiar and she’s dipping into her morning-after stash. 


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It’s Monday. It might be very hot where you are right now, or its freezing because of office air conditioning. Here is Oprah, pruning her garden, to take the edge off. 


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