Emily Ratajkowski split from her husband in a fairly low-key way but she is making it known that they are really done with her Twitter “likes.” Not many celebrities still use Twitter in this way— mostly it’s just generic promotion or retweets. She wants people to know that the rumours (of him cheating) have some merit, without actually saying it.


It seems like all the celebs are in Italy right now but no one is doing it quite like Kate Hudson, who has been in Europe for all of July. She rivals Leo for extended summer vacation days.


There’s a funny but fake rumour about Julia Louis-Dreyfus playing a role in the fourth season of Succession as someone attached to Connor Roy’s presidential run. The fake tweet has close to three thousand “likes.” And while it’s not true, Veep and Succession do share an important link: writer Georgia Pritchett, who has written several episodes of both. When she released a book, both Veep and the Succession casts promoted it enthusiastically (two examples below). Great actors know the value of a great writer. So the shows are linked, but Julia is not showing up as Connor’s political advisor. 


One more Never Have I Ever update (this will be the last one, I promise): Deacon Phillippe has joined the cast in his first-ever acting job. Deacon’s mom and show creator and writer Mindy Kaling have a tight working relationship. Unlike Sydney Sweeney, Deacon Phillippe probably doesn’t have to worry about paying a mortgage, now or ever.

Attached: Emily Ratajkowski walking her dog in NYC a couple of weeks ago.