For 20 years, O, The Oprah Magazine has been about Oprah - deservedly so. No one is telling her to lose weight to be on her own cover (unlike Anna Wintour, who allegedly told Oprah to drop 20 for a Vogue cover in 1998). As soon as she took off on TV, Oprah has embraced her influence and shifted and moved her spotlight into the spaces that needed her shine. She understands the push and pull of celebrity, particularly when it comes to life-and-death conversations. Oprah is a 66 year-old Black woman with a media empire; she knows exactly how much capital she has and where she wants to spend it. On Breonna Taylor.


Selena Gomez posted a one-minute video to Instagram to acknowledge her absence on social media, explaining that she felt celebratory posts would have been insensitive right now. She is still one of the most followed people on Instagram and I don’t think that will change depending on how much she does (or doesn’t) post. Her feed is an interesting social media case study; it’s not overly curated, she’s not constantly promoting products or her work and she seems, generally, far removed from the drama of it, yet she remains incredibly popular. What has helped her gain, and maintain, this following? It’s the age group of her fandom, for sure, but with 184 million followers, it’s not just that.

We are all doing our best but, um, he’s not wrong about his skills. The back is a disaster.


The devil works hard, but the f-cking program that prompts kids to beg for Robux every day works harder.

Drew Barrymore’s talk show is moving ahead with a digital series starting July 30 with a movie night and burgers. At one point in the video, she calls herself a rebellious homemaker, which is a great summation of what she’s going for here. Also, I know this isn’t an ad for her makeup line Flower Beauty but damn her makeup looks good.


A few weeks ago, Halle Berry posted a photo that made people think she might be dealing with someone. I agree with that assessment and I think I know who it is (not a famous person) – but I need more intel.

Has the quarantine hair colour of choice changed over the months? It seemed like everyone was going pink, but now blue is popping up more.

If Rainforest Café is Nobu, then Red Robin is Craig’s; you put on your best pair of Bluenote jeans and Doc Martens to share that basket of gooey cheesesticks.