Maria is away for the rest of the week so I’m filling for her in this space until she’s back. I will use this time to ensure that BTS is properly represented since, you know, they don’t show up on Twitter at all, LOL. But let’s begin with Marsai Martin. The last time we posted about her she was wiping her tears with a $100 bill and shutting down the haters who were criticising her hair. Marsai is a teen mogul. She’s on a hit show, she produces her own movies, she now has 2.5 million followers on Instagram, and she's using her platform to make sure that all students K-12 are properly nourished at school. 

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a campaign to make sure every student eats for free this upcoming school year, and beyond. We've created a petition calling for a program that'll make sure all K-12 students have access to free, daily school meals, without the threat of debt or humiliation. My grandma dedicated years of her life to making sure students were fed and taken care of at school, and now I'm honored to continue her mission❣️ Let's do this together and make sure students like Anya Howard — the brave young woman who shared her story with us — and every other student in this nation, have access to free school meals when they return to their classrooms. 1. Sign our petition at the link in my bio 2. Follow the #SchoolLunchForAll campaign ➡️ @schoollunchforall 3.Talk about this issue + encourage others to act!

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It’s Emmy nomination season and potential nominees are making their final pushes with their For Your Consideration campaigns on social media since, you know, people should still be in lockdown. Chloe Fineman is campaigning for Reese Witherspoon, sort of. This is a Reese impression but it’s also a commentary on what awards campaigning is like during the time(line) of COVID-19. Chloe’s making a case that she could be the next breakout star of Saturday Night Live. And Reese’s Book Club approves.

At the beginning of the pandemic, some of the most lighthearted and comforting content online was posted by people who were sharing what it was like now that they were home all the time with their pets. One of the most common jokes was that dogs were all like, omg you’re home all the time now, I love you, this is so great! Well, it’s been four months. And it’s definitely NOT great for humans. But for dogs, including Sofia Vergara’s dogs, life is wonderful and so are birthdays. 

I will read anything that Hunter Harris writes. And I cannot wait to dig into her latest piece, an interview with Sarita Choudhury about Mississippi Masala. 

What Drake is saying here might be true, but also, how many of us have the space in our homes to walk a semicircle to the bathroom, LOL? If I was ever invited to Chateau Drake, I’d walk as many semicircles on the way to the bathroom as I could, sauced or not, because there would be so much to snoop at. 

You might be seeing extra activity today on Twitter about BTS. I mean every day Twitter is dominated by BTS but some days are wilder than others and today, one of the reasons is because it’s the BTS ARMY anniversary. Seven years ago today is when the band announced the name of its fanbase. Tom Holland is not celebrating BTS here but I see his new “floppy hair” and it’s quite similar to several BTS members, although that just be my BTS goggles. I TOLD you I would invade this space with BTS, didn’t I? 

More BTS news and how they DON’T make enough news in western media for their accomplishments:

Let’s end on my BTS bias because, again, I have taken up temporary residence of this feature and I intend to make the most of my time. I bet you really miss Maria right now, don’t you?