How would you describe the cut of these pants? I’d say they are boot leg cut because of the fit in the thigh and how they flare out below the knee. Some might call them wide leg. Whatever they are considered, Ciara definitely committed to this choice. Not many could do it. 


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Lindsay Lohan’s reality TV show has been cancelled and apparently there are issues with the club (it’s moving or shutting down, depending on who you ask). She peaked early with the viral dance, a pattern in her career but she can’t build on one good moment.


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The star of this photo (besides Halsey) is those awful dining room chairs that so many of us had growing up. 


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There are streaming shows that take off and get so much buzz (like The Handmaid’s Tale, Dead To Me, Russian Doll) and there are some that come and go, like Chambers. Did you watch it? I vaguely remember mentioning it because of Uma Thurman, but I haven’t seen an episode or read anything about it. A one-season cancellation on Netflix isn’t totally unheard of, but it must suck to know that a built-in audience flips past your show for The Office reruns.


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The new season of Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee has been announced – Eddie Murphy jumped out for me. What kind of car is Jerry going to get for their excursion? 


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I’m not a huge royal follower but I did read this PEOPLE story on Beatrice and Eugenie because it was about how their parents, Andrew and Sarah, stayed close after the divorce.  Consciously uncoupled, without the support of Buckingham Palace, is rebellious in its own way. 


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