Swizz Beatz and Timbaland created Verzuz and this past weekend had a rematch. The headline coming out of it is that Swizz Beatz “called out” Justin Timberlake. The longer version is that he did rib Timberland for playing Holy Grail ("Until you can get Justin Timberlake on Verzuz, I don’t really wanna hear those vocals," he said with a laugh). I don’t think Swizz Beatz was being derogatory at all and he followed up by saying, "He gotta admit that he love the Black culture and he gotta be on this stage," Swizz continued before formally inviting him to participate in the long-awaited Verzuz battle. "You took from the Black culture, you give to the Black culture! Come to Verzuz and be a part of the Black culture!" He is actually inviting Justin Timberlake to be part of Verzuz (the dream battle is against Usher) and I don’t know why Justin has yet to accept the invitation because he is an excellent live performer. It’s not like he’s lacking in that area. More important, he is being invited into the space, not co-opting it. 


It’s been almost three weeks since PEOPLE had the scoop on Olivia Munn and John Mulaney and at the time I thought photos would be imminent – I was wrong. Nothing has really come out and there have been no follow-up stories, no social media reveal, no pap shots. She does limit the comments on her posts and is currently on vacation. 


There are like 14 movies in the works about the GameStop stock story (OK, five) and the market squeeze is happening again, right now, with AMC. Noah Centino is the only big name attached and his project will be on Netflix, which was announced in February. Wonder how fast they are working. 

This morning Lainey posted about Thor: Love and Thunder  wrapping and it brings me to the growing conversation around men’s superhero bodies. It’s impossible to ignore and it begs the question – who is this for? As many, many people have pointed out, if superheroes have superpowers, why do they need to be so jacked up? That’s what the superpowers are for. And as Sarah pointed out in a tweet, this is not for the female gaze (evidenced by who gets thirsted over). It’s a tricky conversation because there’s a very thin line between body shaming them over these expectations and pointing out that the expectations are f-cked up and clearly not being achieved in healthy ways. This is the conversation we used to have, pretty openly and derisively, about actresses’ bodies 15-20 years ago and it wasn’t helpful. How do we try again and be better about it?


OK yes to all of this. Both versions of the outfits work (they even switched shoes) and that’s because they chose pieces that match their individual style. It’s Prada but it could be any brand.

“Naomi you don’t wait in line for the next girl.” I mean, truth. 


Bossip works a headline like no other outlet can (here is a piece on how they do it) and this one does not disappoint. “I’m good, luv, enjoy” – hahahahaha.