Out of all of the post-Bachelor cast, Wells Adams is someone who has turned his short time as a contestant into a job, without having to rely on the worst parts of the Bachelor narrative (like selling teeth whitening kits or mundane stories to US Weekly). He was a bartender on Bachelor in Paradise, a role that’s expanding to MC of rose ceremonies and one of the guest host slots. He’s also engaged to Sarah Hyland and they seem extremely adorable together. That is a gold standard post reality-TV show career.


If we are going to have a difficult and honest conversation with ourselves, was it ever really *NSYNC versus Backstreet Boys? Like if we look back at the catalogue, does *NSYNC hold up in the same way that BSB does? (Also, it’s been joked about it, but why not do a combined tour without JT. They could sub different BSB members to fill in Justin’s parts on the hits.)


Rehearsals for #BackSync @lance @ajmcleanofficial @joeyfatone #byebyebye How’d AJ and I do?

♬ original sound - Nick Carter

Fergie managed a Father’s Day double-feature – tribute to her dad and promoting their wine (???) Ferguson Crest. 


Asking a child “how old do you think I am” is a risky game.

Big theatre kid energy with these two. Huge. 


Chrissy Teigen is back on social media in full force (and some are interpreting the caption as shade to Michael Costello, but I think it’s just a clear Clueless reference). In the meantime, she has stepped away from Get Safely. Kris Jenner doesn’t back away from a controversy, the family creates them to promote products, so I don’t think she would be the driving force behind it. It’s possible that in guilt and panic, Chrissy wasn’t able to continue on and quit. Curious to see if such a young lifestyle brand can survive this kind of setback.


Mr. Lopez, what do YOU think of Bennifer 2.0?