Man, Maria is really going to be pissed that she’s missing this week in social media – Wendi Deng is her thing and we had a Wendi Deng sighting yesterday and Breaking Bad is totally her thing and Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul just posted this and people are freaking out that it’s, obviously, something to do with Walter White and Jesse Pinkman reunited?  

Anthony Bourdain would have been 63 years old today. Many of his friends are remembering his life and work.



Wimbledon begins next Monday and ahead of the tournament, Wheaties has unveiled its new box featuring Serena Williams. I want Serena to win so bad I always take it personally, as if what I do actually matters. During the last few grand slams, I haven’t talked about her because I didn’t want to jinx her. But she didn’t win. Maybe I should talk about her during Wimbledon? (Again, as IF it f-cking matters what I do.) 


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Reese Witherspoon has a new puppy. OMG. OMG. THIS FACE. Bulldog puppies are ridiculously adorable. Like they might be the MOST adorable. I love him so much. The reason I have dogs is because for a few months I looked after a bulldog puppy. His name was Nelson. He was the best. 


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Is this regular ice cream that anyone can buy? Or does it come with crystals and moon dust and available only on goop? 


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The Queen of All the Feelings, Celine Dion, is a dancer now. She’s looks it, non? Which means when she dances, she’ll dance all the feelings too. I can’t wait. I cannot wait to see a Celine Dion interpretive dance of every feeling that has ever been felt in the history of all time. 


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Ali Wong’s ma speaks way better English than my ma. Her ma is also a lot more generous than mine. Her ma treated her friends to see Always Be My Maybe. My ma would have made me pay for all her friends to go see it. 


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Speaking of Always Be My Maybe, of course Mimi’s just saying it because her song is in there. That said, still very generous of her to promote it. Does she make more money the better the movie does? 

This is a GREAT outfit on Mindy Kaling. Also… her closet! Wait…is that her closet? 

Why are so many celebrities born in June!?! 


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