Back in 2015, Vulture wrote about the use of first-edition books as a plot device in movies (a piece that I still think about). For her birthday, Emma Roberts was gifted a first-edition Joan Didion novel which is an amazingly thoughtful gift. Super A+ planning on her friends’ part.


Diddy said someone phoned him to gossip and interrupted his work day and he doesn’t like that. This is where Diddy and I differ. If I’m getting a mid-day phone call I know that gossip is juicy AF and I want to hear it, as soon as possible.

Just a few days into filming and we already have so much Knives Out 2 content. Kate Hudson is also on the case (get it?) and if anyone can convince Kathryn Hahn to join Instagram, it’s her.  


Scarlett Johansson is launching a beauty brand, but details are scarce (no product list or name has been released). It could be makeup or skincare or both. She is not on social media as of right now but as we know, lifestyle requires a big push and Instagram is a must, especially for new brands. Will she build this out under her own name or under the company? The marketing will rely on her celebrity face and there’s no way to be coy about that in  such a competitive market. And while we don’t really associate her with a lifestyle sell, this isn’t her first business venture - remember her popcorn store in Paris? The Instagram account hasn’t posted since 2017 but it is still showing as open on Yelp.  

There have been so many social media posts about Conan O’Brien (who isn’t retiring) and they keep coming. Could he be genuinely liked? Like not in a Hollywood way, but actually liked as a person? It seems like it.  


Mark Wahlberg has a clothing line? Called Municipal? I legit didn’t know this until he posted this Ellen shot which is now getting turned into a meme on Twitter.  

Last summer, Gemma Chan, Dominic Cooper, and Richard Madden took a trip to Scotland together and documented it on Instagram. Last I checked, Gemma and Dom were together and clearly still close with Richard, so are they hitting the road again this summer? If you have friends you can actually have fun with whilst traveling by car, that is special. Lining up bathroom breaks and stretching stops and food is a lot of negotiation. The three of them together is almost too many hot people in one car if you ask me.  


My favourite part of this compilation is the fans screaming in the background. Whoever the “No that bitch wasn’t B!” person is, I hope they continue to thrive.