There’s a lot of anticipation for Rian Johnson’s Knives Out 2. The first film, as we know, was a smash hit so people were already jacked for the sequel. And then when casting reports were confirmed, the excitement only grew from there. Joining Daniel Craig are Dave Bautista, Janelle Monae, Kathryn Hahn, Edward Norton, Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr, Madelyn Cline, and more. And now filming is underway in Greece.  


Here’s Daniel, in costume as Detective Benoit Blanc, on set in Greece this week with Dave and Kate. I already love what I’m seeing here. I love what Dave is wearing, the Euro styling of his clothing, and since we don’t have a sense yet of who exactly these characters are, by the way he’s dressed, it could be that he’s some cheesy rich dude which I’m all the way down for.  

As for Kate, when Sarah wrote about the casting news a few weeks ago, her wish was for Kate, Kathryn, and Janelle to play dramatic divorcées with murdery secrets, swanning around the Mediterranean and undermining each other by the martini. I’d say Kate’s outfit here looks promising.  


Knives Out will be a trilogy and the second and third installments are heading to Netflix after a major deal. Since production just started, of course there’s no release date yet but they can wrap this up in a couple of months and go into post in the fall and easily get part two out for 2022 since we’re not dealing with a story that requires a lot of special effects. And also, with Netflix, generally, creatives like Rian have more control over the creative direction in comparison to how it works in the studio system where notes are coming back a million times on edit.  

To go back to Kate Hudson – I just posted about her last week on holiday in Greece with her family, and that it was likely a convenient location because she could go straight to filming from the beach. This indeed seems to have been the plan. Not a bad working summer.