It feels like celebrities are over the pandemic – they’re back to doing what they did in the summers before COVID: travelling the world, getting papped on beaches in bikinis. And that’s where we find Kate Hudson, Danny Fujikawa, their kids, and her parents, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. They’ve been on holiday in Greece. 


When I saw these shots, my first thought was… now that we’ve been apart from our families for so long and are just now, in certain parts of the world, getting to be reunited, would I go on holiday with them? I love my parents, of course, and I love my in-laws, but I do NOT want to go on holiday with any of them. Especially not a beach holiday. For starters, with my ma, it would not feel like a holiday because she is a high maintenance pain in the ass and nobody would be relaxing. 

That said, my ma is not Private Benjamin. And my parents definitely aren’t Goldie and Kurt. Also I don’t have kids. And I know a lot of people who have gone on holiday with their parents and everybody shares in the childcare duties. I’m not saying Goldie and Kurt are there to help with the kids because they all have enough money to pay for childcare when they travel although that just reminds me of the articles I’ve read about rich people and childcare treatment and specifically that piece that was published in The Cut just over a year ago about nannies and COVID. “We are like items to them; they can’t go without us.” 


Again, this doesn’t apply necessarily to Kate and Danny but it’s more of an observation, in general, about how holidays work for celebrities and the wealthy, pandemic or not. 

Greece is also significant here though because Kate has been cast in the Knives Out sequel, said to be shooting in Greece this summer so it looks like she might be getting in some family holiday time before she gets to work on that set.