Rita Ora is a big name in the UK and that’s why the Daily Mail led with her in this headline. Per the reporting, she and Taika Waititi are getting married and skipping out on a long engagement. They will hold a private ceremony and then have a party in London which will be stacked with big names – both of them have a load of celebrity and fashion-famous friends that will show up for this. When and if it happens, the first person I’m looking for on the guest list is Tessa Thompson.


A few weeks back, Sarah linked to the Rolling Stone piece on Taylor Hawkins’s last days and it’s an uncomfortable story because it raises a lot of question about Foo Fighters as a mini corporation, touring, and exhaustion. Taylor’s widow Alison has just released a statement and in it, she thanks his fans and also the band, who are family to them, and it seems like this is a gentle rebuttal of some of the theories that were put forth in that story. Some sources were anonymous but others, like Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith and Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron, were quoted extensively in the piece. But, since then, both Smith and Cameron have walked back their comments and expressed regret about participating in the story, indicating that they thought the piece would be a tribute to Taylor and not an examination of Foo Fighters Inc. It should also be noted that at the time of his death, the initial reporting was wrong and strong and much of the information about the hotel room and Taylor was inaccurate. Just major sadness all around.  


This story in The Hollywood Reporter about “catching up” with Casey Affleck and his girlfriend Caylee Cowan is a classic fluff piece. The vibe is off. It’s clearly a trade-off between them – she gets to promote her career in a major trade publication and his presence is the editorial hook for THR. Is it a sign of relationship strength that they work together like this? She’s 24 and just starting out in the business and he’s an Oscar winner with a famous name, so from her perspective, jumping at the chance to have her movie mentioned in THR makes sense. As for him, I think any press that paints him as a devoted boyfriend is a win.


Jerry Seinfeld is starring in a movie about the Pop-Tarts? I f-cking love Pop-Tarts, so much so that I can’t keep them in the house because I will eat an entire box. Jerry is doing the whole shebang – writing, producing and starring (but not directing). I believe this is the first we will see Jerry Seinfeld’s work as an actor not playing Jerry Seinfeld.