Rihanna, as they say, is stepping on our necks. This pregnancy fashion! It’s look after look after look, and I’ve fallen behind on posting them. Like the all leather outfit she stepped out in the other day and the silver outfit she wore to promote her makeup line. But aside from the clothes, there’s something else to appreciate about Rihanna when she’s working – because as I’ve always said, she doesn’t behave like an A-lister when she’s selling her products; she gets up close and personal with her clients, she’s working the floor, applying makeup, recommending colours, and even making social media videos with influencers.


Jane Campion ended up apologising yesterday for disrespecting Venus and Serena Williams at the Critics Choice Awards. Many people aren’t having it and some wonder whether or not the priority here was to atone for her racism or if it was damage control for The Power of the Dog Oscar campaign. If we’re talking about the Oscar campaign, it might be a relief for Team Dog that there’s no new SNL this week. Because Bowen Yang would make a great Jane Campion: 


Brie Larson matched her houndstooth coat with a floral beanie and it’s a cute look but it’s not my favourite Brie IG content. For some reason, I love watching her workout videos. Maybe because I can’t do a pullup and will never be able to do a pullup. 

Chris Evans has come through with his most popular social media content: Dodger. Chris is reacting here like most dog owners… because our dogs find ways to be comfortable that don’t seem comfortable to us. The way our dogs sleep sometimes is such a mystery because of how contorted and/or smushed they look. And yet I don’t think I’ve ever slept as soundly. 


Also… Chris knows this his hair will be selling his new movie. 

The Grammys just announced its first wave of performers. Olivia Rodrigo, one of the artists with the most nominations, is on the list. 

As a result of the announcements, the Grammys are trending on social media today. And, yes, of course people are excited about all of their favourite artists. But the reason the Grammys are trending… well… can be attributed to one musical act, seven artists. BTS, of course. Yet another example of how the Grammys benefit from BTS, perhaps more than BTS actually benefits from the Grammys. 


In other BTS news, it’s been confirmed that Jimin will contribute a song to the soundtrack for the upcoming drama series Our Blues, one of the most highly anticipated Korean dramas of the year because of its ensemble cast.

Anyway, of all the members of BTS, Jimin is the one who seems to post least frequently. He obviously liked this photo of himself, and can you blame him? 

On the subject of Korean dramas, I’m way behind, but I am OBSESSED right now with two of them: Twenty-Five Twenty-One and Business Proposal. The male lead in Twenty-Five Twenty-One is Nam Joo-hyuk. If you are unfamiliar with him, it is my pleasure to make the introduction. I mean, COME ON.