Alex Rodriguez headed to the Dominican Republic to visit JLo as they continue to work things out. Looking at it from a privacy perspective, the Grammys, Oscar nominations, and royal family drama have been a gift to them. There’s some breathing room. And Madison LeCroy (the reality TV star that ARod was FaceTiming) has been quiet about it. Why? She was very into the Jay Cutler/Kristin Cavallari drama (posting text messages from him on social media) and told all her castmates about ARod – did she suddenly develop a deep respect for discretion? Or did she sign an NDA? I’m leaning toward the latter. But what will screw him (and maybe her) is that the basis of reality TV is exploiting secrets and she has used that to her advantage, many times over. That’s why her frenemies brought ARod up at the reunion. Now there are a couple of Southern Charm-ers who don’t like Madison and have no ties to ARod – why would they keep quiet? They get press out of it and it sets them up a storyline for next season. 


Dua Lipa had one of my favourite looks of the Grammys in custom Versace. She has been dating Anwar Hadid (Gigi and Bella’s brother) for a while and they spent the first part of quarantine together, but he didn’t comment or like any of her posts. Did they split? They both still have photos of each other up and she last liked his on March 4. 


Look I’m not begrudging anyone a superhero movie but with 876 streaming sites we can’t get ONE little Spy sequel? Egregious, outrageous, and disappointing. Are you telling me you don’t want to see Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham try not to crack each other up for a solid 90 minutes? Unbelievable. 


Gayle King is reporting that Will and Harry had a chat and it didn’t go well, here is a partial transcript.


Last week at school pickup one of the moms said, “Olivia Wilde is my hero” and everyone went absolutely giddy about her and Harry Styles. This was before the Grammys and we are on spring break but I fully expect it to be in overdrive now.