If you’re CBS, on the downside, there’s the mess with The Talk. And the Grammys ratings. On the upside though, the ratings from the Television Event of the Year, Oprah’s interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, are a huge win. And they’ve established themselves as the network with the most up-to-date updates on Harry and Meghan themselves, and thanks to Gayle King, we have a fresh one: 


So if the royal family continues to leak to the Daily Mail and the other UK tabloids, the Sussexes are choosing Oprah, Gayle, and a major American broadcaster. If we’re assessing their respective armies in this war, then, I feel like Harry and Meghan have the advantage? 

Anyway, Gayle’s giving us three pieces of information:

-Harry has spoken to Prince Charles and Prince William

-Things are clearly still tense, considering the description “not productive” 

-This is a family but Meghan continues to be treated as an outsider


I mean, if they want healing, one way to start would be to stop isolating Meghan – and make no mistake, Gayle sharing this point in particular was telling, because I think it’s something some people can relate to. I’m sure there are at least a few of you reading this with similar experiences, where your partner’s family consistently reminds you that you’re not one of them. This happened to my ma, this has happened to me, and it has happened to many people I know. Royals, just like us! Jokes aside though, when you consider that this family of colonisers is actively excluding the family member who is Black, well, then the issue becomes even uglier. Especially since they’ve just been accused of racism. 

But then again, they’ve decided that they’re not racist and the version of events that the British royals have been trying to leak out through their various aides to the UK papers is that the way Harry and Meghan took the “how dark will Archie be?” question is not the way they intended it. Which, to go back to Melayna’s point in the previous post about The Talk, it’s never a good look when white people are deciding what is and isn’t racist when they’re the ones in question for the racism. 


I suppose, though, that at this point it shouldn’t be surprising how f-cking backwards they are and also incompetent. Remember a couple of weeks ago when they came out wrong and strong with suspect “bullying” claims against Meghan, they released that hilarious statement about how they would be investigating themselves?  That was laughed at because, of course, no investigation can be effective if the people doing the investigating are the same as the people being investigated…


Clearly not enough thought was put into that and now the latest is that they’ll be hiring an external law firm to look into the allegations of workplace toxicity. Oh you don’t say. 

After being widely criticised for actually thinking that royals could investigate royals, now the royals are like, ok, fine, we’ll ask some outside agency to come look into our underwear drawer. But it’s frustrating, non? These people are supposed to be ….like… practically divine. At least that’s what they want us to believe. But all we’ve seen lately is them making decisions out of their asses. 


This is BASIC corporate management – and they got it so wrong out of the gate, hastily pushing through a decision that turned out to be a bad one. Why isn’t anyone calling them out more on this ineptitude? Are they calling themselves out on their ineptitude? Is anyone up in that place saying to themselves… maybe we suck at this and we should consider bringing in a fresh pair of eyes, some actual EXPERTS in the field, to help us through this crisis? This is the opposite of show your work. This is pretty much sh-t your work. These people are terrible at their jobs. 

But their incompetence is also …potentially damaging to them. Because remember, this whole thing is about how Meghan “allegedly” bullied people at work. Since they are giving us so many examples of how actively sh-tty they are at their jobs though, how much responsibility do they have to bear for the situation? And…was she a bully though? Or was she pointing out that these people’s work is sub-par – AS WE ARE CURRENTLY SEEING IN REAL TIME RIGHT NOW – and some people couldn’t handle the feedback? We clearly aren’t working with an efficient, award-winning and innovative workplace. And with that in mind, if they’re not going to share what findings come out of the investigation, whatever those “findings” might be, how legit is this process going to be? Who do they actually have to be accountable to?