Yesterday I wrote about Dua Lipa at the Grammys and wondered if she and Anwar Hadid had split because he hadn’t liked or commented on any of her posts. Instead of congratulating her online, he was doing it in real life with a post-Grammys party (a couple of their close friends and tons of balloons). Still together, clearly. 


How would you describe Taraji P. Henson’s hair here? I say magenta – and it looks amazing.


Want to lunch like Gwyneth Paltrow? Goop Kitchen is launching a food delivery service (it’s currently available on LA’s westside). This is an extremely competitive market but that doesn’t mean I don’t think GP can do it – goop’s track record with sell-through of the products and their customer loyalty could overcome barriers like food cost and delivery logistics. My beef (there’s obviously no beef in this lunch kit) is with the avocado: what kind of portion is that? A quarter of an avocado? I know these are supposed to be chic lunchables but that’s too little for me. 

Happy for everyone who is able to get their vaccine right now, like Sarah Hyland. And I want to talk about her hat: it’s from a pet store and Lainey has written about this before, the workwear look (like Matt Damon in a Pike Place hat). Succession often utilizes this kind of gear, like Kendall Roy wearing a hat from a Scottish golf course or branded gear from Argestes (the fictional billionaire retreat in the mountains) – it’s post-designer label fashion and I’m extremely into it. Give me the bagel shop cap over a Gucci hat any day.


Fox News has been obsessing over Cardi B. and Megan Thee Stallion’s luscious Grammy performance, basically running it on rotation. The irony of course is that if Fox didn’t play it for their viewers, many of them would not have seen it at all – so they are complaining about the content while distributing the content on a wider scale. 

Coach Taylor would NEVER join Instagram and neither would Kyle Chandler, so when we catch a glimpse of him – here, bearded, on Ellen with his dogs acting up – we take it. 


There are certain movie stars that live together in my mind. For example, Brad Pitt (57), Julia Roberts (53), Halle Berry (54) and Sandra Bullock (56) are, to me, a generation of movie stars. And coincidentally, they all have kids around the same age – Halle’s daughter Nahla just turned 13; Shiloh is 14 and Vivienne and Knox are 12; Julia’s youngest son Henry is 12 and Sandra’s son Louis (who I remember as a baby???) is now 12. So far, none of these kids are in the family business (besides Vivienne having a small part in Maleficent). Have you noticed that it’s never the children of famous people who are on Disney or Nickelodeon shows or creating YouTube channels? It’s not hard to understand why.

“It feels a bit wet” – this clip was made for Twitter.