Per the Apatow Accord, celebrity parents require verbal consent to procure the rights to any image. Gwyneth Paltrow would surely be aware of this stipulation and has broken the agreement, thus earning two days of attitude from Apple Martin. 


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Blue Ivy’s parents definitely gave the OK for this video to be posted. Even though you can’t see Blue, she made it known she was there, first with the hand wave, then with the explaining of the joke to Miss Tina in her very grown voice. How long until Blue has her own Instagram? Or have we ever considered that the secret Snapchat Beyoncé sometimes posts from belongs not to her, but to her daughter?


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Back in 2014, Uma Thurman was at the Golden Globes, working the room and responding to every question with, “I need a job!” What we didn’t know in 2014 is that Uma suffered harassment at the hands of Harvey Weinstein, and was almost killed on the set of Kill Bill to satiate Quentin Tarantino’s authenticity boner. (And she was his muse and the star of the franchise! If that’s how he treated his muse, can you imagine how he treated everyone else?) All of this is to say that it’s 2019 and Uma has a job on Netflix, where everyone wants to be.  


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Reese Witherspoon is popular so of course she got a lot of birthday wishes on Instagram, but this one, from Camila Alves, stood out. The top of Camila’s head is cut out of this photo; that is a commitment to focusing on Reese. That is not a celebrity move, at all. Quite the opposite. Camila has a lot of practice around celebrity egos.


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“There’s always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.” I quickly checked if Showgirls had a sequel, and there was an unofficial one made. But what if it was adapted into a series for a streaming platform. Last we saw Naomi, she was hitching a ride to LA, destined for a life of scamming. She could be a wellness coach who charges $6,000 for a weekend retreat in Ojai where she hands out adult coloring books to rich white women. Or she could be the second wife of a wealthy producer who ousts him from the board of his own company while having an affair with an up-and-coming actor. Cristal stayed in Vegas and invented bottle service. 


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This clip is a month old but I’m betting a lot of people have not seen Drop the Mic, a rap battle show co-hosted by Hailey Baldwin. Obviously the raps are pre-written but watching Christina Milian and Ashlee Simpson call each other wash-ups over and over again is slightly uncomfortable. (Also thinking these insults must be pre-approved, because how could you not bring up SNL to Ashlee?)


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