I went too hard on Starstruck and finished it in one day! WTF. I’m so mad at myself. I will absolutely watch it at least one more time because I love the chaos of the very many bad choices they make. Co-creator, writer, and star Rose Matafeo has a new interview in Vulture (written by the fantastic Rachel Handler) where she talks about Meg Ryan, the lost-days of rom-com movie stardom and how that Lake House joke made it in. 


I also went really hard on Bridgerton and like Sarah and Lainey, enjoyed the slow burn even more than last season. And has anyone had a rom-com glow up like Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey)? I think it’s the change of sideburns. It’s like a 90s rom-com when the “homely” woman takes her glasses of and is a hottie. 


On Sunday night, somewhere in LA, the Golden Globes team was probably having a good laugh. It’s been the award show to sh-t on for a couple years now. Many people have pointed out the Oscars seating arrangement this year and how it was half tables rather than rows. The Golden Globes had been doing tables forever and serving a booze – a lot of it – as the show went on. It sometimes got high spirited, but never physical in the way that we saw on Sunday night. If the GGs can manage to not do anything outrageously offensive in the next few months, it could be poised for a 2023 “no one gets slapped at our show” comeback. (They need to poach a good social media person from Netflix, that would help.)


Warren Beatty is 85 and his daughter posted a photo of a totally normal family birthday at home, with the kind of cake many of us would have. Just a normal size chocolate cake that will get eaten, not one of those triple-decker fondant monstrosities that end up in the garbage. Fondant is disgusting.


To be honest I don’t know Eric Church but PEOPLE is reporting he cancelled a concert to watch a Final Four game and didn’t even try to come up with an excuse. At least he didn’t lie about being sick. I just want to know how this works with the venue and insurance. And does the crew/band still get paid?