I’m obsessed with Anderson Cooper’s chunky monkey, Wyatt. Here’s Uncle Andy chasing Andy Cohen’s son, Ben (in his little man sweater!). Andy and Anderson are BFF and Ben and Wyatt will grow up together, two New York boys who will have the run of city. 


There was recently an AITA (am I the asshole) post on Reddit about a couple having a huge fight over naming their future daughter Renesme (mom was dead set against it, dad was insistent on it). There are actually quite a few of posts about film and TV character names, like a recent one from a teenager named Hermione who absolutely hates it as her mom forces her to do everything Harry Potter, including her birthday parties (she’s 16). 


A blazer over a sweatsuit is one of my favourite looks. And I can appreciate she tagged it – it’s Mango! Pretty accessible. 

Ludacris can fly a plane and work his angles at the same time.


Acquisition news: Square has bought a “significant majority” of Tidal, Jay-Z’s streaming service. Square is a public company co-founded by Jack Dorsey (who also founded Twitter) and Jack has worked with Beyoncé and Jay-Z on many philanthropic projects and it seems to be a pretty strong relationship. Between this and Ace of Spades, Jay-Z has had a huge 2021 so far. 


Thank you for all of your emails and tweets about You’ve Got Mail. For the ones who insist on the alternate ending, I hear you. I feel you. But where is the tape?!