We can’t get enough of scams right now, but there’s one that hasn’t gotten the same amount of media attention as the showstoppers like Fyre Festival and Anna in New York. This one is about a couple who conspired with a homeless man to create a feel-good story in order to ask people for donations. They raised a fair amount, but like all scammers, greed got the best of them. I think this would be a great HBO special and I’ve already cast it (based on the mugshots pictured here): Matthew McConaughey, Jenna Fischer, and Mark Ruffalo. Look at Mark’s innocent face. I would totally give him money if he asked. 


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Look how happy that sun is about the 50 million live cultures for vaginas.

This week, Page Six exposed a rumour about some behind-the-scenes shenanigans at E!, where a male executive and a TV host (Morgan Stewart, who used to be on a middling reality show on the same network) allegedly had an inappropriate relationship. It’s interesting because the exec was let go months ago (not related to this), but some staffers at E! are still pissed enough to bring this story to Page Six. This isn’t The Hollywood Reporter, it’s much more gossipy and low-brow, but it seems like there’s a bigger story to the story here because these sources aren’t just talking about this specific relationship (in whatever form it took) but what they see as E!’s culture of protecting talent and higher-ups. 


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I keep forgetting that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are engaged, but what do you think the wedding will be like? I’m guessing LA with lots of celebs. Also, Orlando was a late addition to the Wolf Pack (née Pussy Posse) but now that he’s getting married, is that acceptance revoked? 


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Jude Law is engaged as well (I didn’t forget, I just totally missed this). There was a time when Jude, along with Sienna, was SO good for gossip. He’s an OG nanny f-cker.


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I will always love how the Smith kids manage to look utterly bored and intensely interesting at the same time. Do you have any idea how many Instagram influencers are desperately trying to capture even an ounce of this energy?


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