Jennifer Lawrence, a proper movie star, in a R-rated “hired date who becomes more” rom-com? YES. The young folks might not appreciate how common these movies were in the 90s, a one-off raunchy comedy that isn’t aiming to build IP. 


Ever since the Black Adam victory tour, I’ve gently side-eyed The Rock because it seems like he really pumped up the numbers. This XFL post made me curious to “do my own research” and a quick Google research led me to an NBC Sports story about the sagging audience and adjustments being made to help with ratings. Obviously building a league like the XFL takes a lot of time and money and other groups have tried and failed before The Rock’s team, but the insistence that everything he touches has to be this huge massive unprecedented success seems like a lot of pressure. 


We are nearly a week into the Vanderpump Rules Scandoval and there’s lots of updates: a restraining order, a (possibly fake) black eye, and multiple quotes and sources from Raquel spreading out amongst Page Six, TMZ, PEOPLE and US Weekly. But as Bravo fans are watching this happen, there’s a huge scandal brewing on Southern Charm (one of the most wildly uneven and chaotic reality TV shows – it’s either brilliant or boring) as Austen reportedly hooked up with Shep’s ex, Taylor. This would be monumental if not for everything already happening. Oh and Ariana Madix has reactivated her Instagram and her last non-pinned post is from a week ago in which she hypes Raquel’s appearance on WWHL, which is nuts because during that very show is when Ariana found out. This was seven days ago! Were we ever so young?


Emma Heming Willis is being accused of using Bruce Willis’s FTD diagnosis to get attention and this is why social media comments are a mistake. She is advocating for her husband and, as a caretaker, talking about something really difficult and important. Before Bruce’s retirement, I didn’t know much about Emma– if she wanted to capitalise off of his status, she would have a long time ago. And even if she was the biggest attention seeker in the world, it wouldn’t matter! Why should she not be front and center? I’d bet $10 that the person who left that comment has “be kind” in their bio. They are always the meanest ones. 


The Nick Cannon baby show was a prank to promote Celebrity Prank Wars. This is like when people post a positive pregnancy test for April Fool’s Day. Low hanging fruit.