Law & Order: SVU has been on TV for over 20 years and when many of us hear “da dun dun dun dun dun dun” we know we can’t turn off the TV. We are trained like Pavlov’s dogs. Mickey Rourke’s discovery and appreciation of Law & Order: SVU is a little late but also very sincere. He has detailed compliments of the performers and manages to get in a dig at Marvel. When Mickey burns through the series, will he then turn to the original Law & Order? I’d recommend the Chris Noth/Jerry Orbach era. 


Barry Jenkins getting into The Backyardigans over the weekend is taste! This show is charming, sweet, wildly inventive, and clever. The music is top-tier and soothing. It is the most creative and enjoyable kids program since Sesame Street and the antithesis of Caillou. Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, Austin, and Tasha are everything Peppa Pig wishes she was. 


Nicole and Sofia Richie took a minute away while Sofia was dating Scott Disick, but since the breakup the sisters seem closer. This collaboration cements it publicly. I imagine that for Nicole, who was an early blueprint for the Kardashians, getting her sister out of that particular stream of fame is a relief. 

I would not peg Sarah Jessica Parker for an instant coffee drinker, but I’m not knocking instant coffee. Done right, a cup of instant coffee can be supremely satisfying but I’ve never quite figured out the right ratio. And she’s drinking it out of a diner cup, which adds to experience. 


Orlando Bloom has a touch of Justin Timberlake in him. I don’t think I need to explain further. 

Nick Kroll’s unsolicited cameo goes to an unexpected place (watch the volume if you are at work or on Zoom). 


I read an interesting theory on DeuxMoi about JLo’s performance at the Global Citizen VAX Live concert – the music playing over the montage is from “I’m Glad” from the album This Is Me… Then, a time capsule of the Bennifer era. According to the tipster, she does not play or use “I’m Glad” in her performances because of the song’s ties to Ben Affleck. (I did a quick check and it was not on her Vegas set list.) Between this and "Sweet Caroline", is it another bat (or Batfleck) signal?