My Rita Ora face blindness continues. Every time I see a photo of her I have to check the name. I can’t be the only one. She and Taika Waititi are still together and both posted a throwback to last year’s Met looks. I really like her Prada outfit and feel like it would have worked for this year’s theme as well. 


The hottest party of spring (and maybe the whole year) has happened and no, it’s not the Met Gala. It’s Sunny Sandler’s bat mitzvah. Jennifer Aniston, Charlie Puth, Taylor Lautner, Halsey, plus TikTok stars and Disney were in attendance and no one seemed to shy away from photos. And Adam wore a suit! He doesn’t even do that for movie premieres. 


Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo sold their house (the one they showed off to Architectural Digest less than a year ago for $51 million) for a huge profit. (They bought it from Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck for around $31 million). At the time of the AD tour, it seemed like this was a long-term home and not a flip, but maybe the market got too hot for them to sit on it. Sometimes, a celebrity couple will feature their home in AD so that they can sell it and get divorced but I don’t think that’s the case here. They haven’t posted each other on Instagram since February, but he surprised her on Ellen which I don’t think they would fake. It would invite too much scrutiny. 


The Late Late Show is still posting clips of Tom Cruise and I totally get it. It’s a rare interview with a proper movie star and it makes sense to lean into it. This snippet made me laugh because of course Tom can fly anything with an engine – helicopters, jets, planes. If you told me he could fly a blimp I would believe it. But did you also know he has a real estate license? (I don’t think he’s joking, he’s too literal for that.) This requires a million follow up questions: has he ever acted as his own agent? How many properties has he bought and sold? Was the test hard? With these social media bites and Top Gun, Tom is on an upswing. Do you think that there’s been any discussion (or reaching out) about being interviewed by Oprah? It would make so much sense in so many ways. So much has changed, like the format of her show (no live audience) and yet he has kind of stayed frozen in time. It would be must-see-TV. 


Now that we know Tom has a real estate license, do you think he’s into all of the competitive real estate shows? Does he watch Millionaire Listing LA? Does he know who the Oppenheimer brothers are? Amy Schumer does. I want Davina to show her the $75 million house.