Miley Cyrus covers British Vogue and the green Prada is fine but the black Alaia is great. 


#Scandoval is in full swing and we are in the post-affair fallout now but there’s also the production side about how they had cameras up before TMZ broke the story. It’s absolutely fascinating to learn how the EP and team worked around the leaks and how they protect the bit of information that we still don’t know. TV critic Kate Aurthur went deep and as we have a few episodes left of the reunion, apparently there’s another bombshell coming.


The New York Times covered Ariana Madix and Liev Schreiber commented “is this news?” and honestly, this is annoying behaviour. You took the time to comment Liev, no one came and knocked on your door asking for your hot take. Pop culture is news, gossip is news and people like the Kardashians are news because news is whatever people decide is worthy of their attention. It’s very 2007 to be salty about reality stars. When Liev wants to promote a project, suddenly his interviews are “news” too. That’s the name of game, sweet cheeks.


The CW is pivoting away from superhero TV shows and the new team of executives is making it clear that DC is no longer its priority. Golf, reality TV and syndication are all part of the package. That means more Chad Michael Murray. Weren’t we just talking about a Chad-aissance?

The Douglas children are making their way to more Hollywood events and yes there’s the nepo baby angle but I think their parents see it as a continuation of a serious show business dynasty going back to the 1940s. I love how Catherine posted herself first and her family second, as she should. She was working that red dress. 


Rachel Bilson said she lost out on a job after talking about her sexual preferences and orgasms. At first glance it seems like an acting job but reading further, it’s probably a sponsored post with a brand who didn’t want to piggyback off those headlines. This seems like a f-ckup on the brand’s part because the more organic headlines to go along with the sponsorship, the better. It’s a good hook for coverage.

Kevin Costner is saying “bye bitch!” to Yellowstone but the fans don’t want to let him go.


Fisher Stevens has had a long career but is enjoying a moment as the sycophantic PR guy Hugo on Succession. He even wrote spin-off for his own enjoyment. You know who Fisher is friends with? Leonardo DiCaprio. The mid-20 threshold doesn’t apply to friendships. 

I read about “the world’s tiniest kitten heel” and thought of Lainey immediately. This shoe is going to make her so mad. Footwear News has a close up.