No, let’s leave Glee alone. Cursed show. (Ryan Murphy can cast the hell out of a show but the plot doesn’t even sound that interesting. Competitive misfits finding friendship through song is what Glee was about the first time around.)


John Krasinski has sold his heartwarming and homemade hobby, Some Good News, to the highest bidders at ViacaomCBS. Here’s the rub: John will be producing and not hosting. And it’s moving from a digital and accessible medium – YouTube – to a subscription basis. The entire DNA of the show is changing. 

There’s a Celebrity Escape Room special and maybe I’ve been inside too long, but this looks delightful. Lisa Kudrow is definitely the one you want to be in an escape room with (she’s very smart); I’d be with Courteney Cox and Adam Scott trying to figure out what 4x9 is. 

Wait, Kelly Ripa isn’t in New York? She’s been doing her show this whole time and I just assumed she was at her normal residence. Why the PEOPLE exclusive yesterday? Hmmmmm.


Selling Sunset is one of those dead-eyed, low-stakes reality shows that is completely addictive. I watched the entire first season in a couple of days and then promptly forgot about it. It’s ideal quarantine viewing if you want something entertaining but inconsequential. For season two, Chrishell Stause, the ex-wife of Justin Hartley, has a public space to talk about what happened between them. Justin may be much more famous than she is, but she has a platform, too. And it looks like she wants to use it. 

When I posited that Katy Perry would name her daughter Daisy, I didn’t connect the dots like writer Chris Murphy has. Daisy Bloom. Now that he’s said it, it seems so obvious!

Do you think Taylor Swift is a little disappointed she was left out of Lana Del Rey’s “justice for delicates” manifesto? Taylor loves a Notes feud.

Actress Sarah Ramos has been doing incredible scene work on Twitter. The Social Network made it to Andrew Garfield, who is a fan. Just as good is her work as Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag’s “I want to forgive you and I want to forget you” scene. But if rom-coms are more your thing, there’s My Best Friend’s Wedding with Elle Fanning. Crème Brulee could never be Jell-o. 

The possible costume ideas from The Last Dance are miles better than anything from Tiger King but society isn’t ready for that conversation yet. 


This is a wealthy cabbage.

There was a post on Reddit’s “Am I The Asshole” forum which I took a screenshot last night because I suspected it would be deleted. It’s a blind vice of sorts. (Keep in mind there are trolls on Reddit, but this story rings true to me.) Who do you think the celebrities are? I have a guess. The obvious question is: why didn’t the assistant just quit? She mentioned in the now-deleted comments that she is a single parent and carried a lot of expenses for the home on a month-to-month basis; she worried that quitting on the spot would put her out thousands of dollars and a job in her resort town. I have a guess for this not related to the photo choice, but the Roys would totally ignore their employees’ personal crisis.

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