Dua Lipa shared some after-party photos from the Met Gala and there’s a pic with Rihanna and Billie Eilish and many other familiar faces. She’s a 27-year-old pop star having the time of her life and her life looks very fun. 


The first photo is of her with a cigarette (can’t tell if it’s lit), and people are very upset about this in a “think of the children” way. This is the worst kind of scolding. Is smoking bad? Duh, yes. It’s horrible. But it’s also something people do and that is life. Are teenagers going to flock to cigarettes because of one Instagram post from Dua Lipa? What I’m more curious about is where the party happened because there’s also people in the background smoking. It’s pretty rare to find a venue that allows that these days, at least in North America (outside of Vegas), so this to me seems like an after-after party. 


Sarah’s review of Guardians of the Galaxy is up and while I’m not familiar with this particular MCU IP, I am now a huge fan of Karen Gillan, who attended a couples therapy session in costume. 


Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers will continue paying their staff during the WGA strike and that is the way to do it. It might be confirmation bias on my part but there seems to be a lot of support, and the rare unsupportive voice is usually an “I could do that” person. When you write for a living, there’s so many “I could do that” people. Like people who tell you they COULD write a book or a screenplay. And yet they never seem to get around to it. 


“Black King God” – Diddy does not lack self love or energy!


Vogue is launching an event called “VOGUE World” which is live streaming fashion shows and a street fair. (It’s giving “Living+” – if you know, you know.) It also reminds me of Fashion’s Night Out, which was a wild retail event to bolster shopping during the mid-2000s recession. Sarah Spellings wrote a great retrospective on it for The Cut.

Attached: Finneas and Billie Eilish attend at the Met Gala.