Chris Evans joined Instagram (or he just started posting) a few days ago and I kind of missed it. To be honest, I thought he was already on Instagram because he’s pretty active on Twitter. Anyway, he’s already giving people the content they want: his dog. But he’s done Dodger wrong with that haircut and poor guy doesn’t even know it yet. Do you think Dodger is a pouter? Will he ignore Chris and not eat his dinner?


There have been a lot of Met Gala throwbacks, but very few ideas of what people would have worn if the event had happened. Katy Perry, always a good sport, was working on a cone bra with Jean Paul Gaultier. 

By now you’ve surely seen the video of JLo showing Shakira her ass-shaking technique (she goes from the knees). Of course there’s a camera there to film the rehearsal and this led to me look for a documentary on Super Bowl halftime shows. I could only find one, with Katy Perry. To work, a documentary needs to be all access, which might be a problem with the NFL as they are not a transparent organization. To me, someone who is admittedly not that versed in sports, the NFL seems like an organization obsessed with controlling its image. If you’ve watched Katy Perry: Making of the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show and it was more than a commercial, let me know. 

Speaking of JLo, her chef has been giving up a lot of content to US Weekly. He reveals what he cooks for her (lots of protein and veggies, this shouldn’t be a surprise) and goes into detail about what she and ARod like. Why? Could this be a play for a meal program? Tom Brady has the TB12 method and Beyoncé and Jay Z-deal with 22 Days Nutrition (but aren’t very active with it). Could food be the next vertical for JRod?


Chloe Sevigny has had her baby but the name hasn’t been revealed yet. I’m so curious as to what it could be. I have an expectation for this and I can’t even quite put into words what it is.

By the time I caught up to Bella Hadid following Selena Gomez on Instagram, Bella had unfollowed her. Look, we are all spending a lot more time creeping on social media – a rogue finger can cause a “like” or a “follow” pretty easily. What I don’t understand is for a celebrity like Bella or Selena, who have fan accounts that are watching their every move, why don’t they use a burner to creep? It’s simple enough to set up and then they wouldn’t have to worry about accidents like this.