Lainey’s intro this morning focused on Adele’s birthday and since that post went up, Adele posted three photos on Instagram (it’s a carousel, click the arrow to see the other two shots). It’s an acknowledgement of 33, but as Lainey said, people are always trying to read into Adele (and Rihanna and Beyoncé, too) for clues to new music. At this point, we should just accept that they will tell us news when they want us to know. 


Have you watched this Billy Eichner clip? He traveled and found something weird in his suitcase when he got home – an FBI patch taped to the inside of his underwear. This is not that custom slip that they put in after they check your luggage, it’s a patch. And they used scotch tape. He’s freaked out. I would be freaked out. What do you think this is? Did the person who did it know it was Billy’s luggage? If so, that makes it even weirder.

Eva Longoria is set to direct Flamin’ Hot, a biopic about Richard Montanez, who was a janitor at Frito-Lay when he invented the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. I’ve only read a bit about this story and it sounds like a movie. 


There are a lot of American actors working in Canada and understandably excited to get out of the mandatory two week quarantine (Jennifer Garner, Julie Bowen and Neil Patrick Harris come to mind) but I would have a warning for Ben Schwartz. Mind the geese because they are rude as hell! Canadian geese do not f-ck around. (Flip to second photo to see.)

The Honest Company has gone public, a huge moment for any organization. But it hasn’t been without bumps, including a complicated path to IPO (class action lawsuits, overevaluation) as well as continued losses despite growing in the double digits over the last year. All said, these complications don’t seem unusual for a company this size. The expected price range was $14-$17 and on the first day of trading it hit that ($16/share), which is a healthy sign.


Miley Cyrus knows all about the conversation happening around Elon Musk hosting SNL (she is the musical guest) and I would guess is unbothered. Really, it works out for her because it’s such a highly anticipated episode and she will kill it like she always does. If Elon and the writing team flop, that’s not on her.

A few weeks back I wrote about Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum navigating their co-parenting because something was giving me a gossip tingle. Turns out that I was looking in the wrong spot because there is some contention between the two, but it’s not about custody. They are still working out the finances from their split, mainly Magic Mike money.  They are getting ready to settle in once and for all with a trial date because they can’t agree on percentages. This has to be a last resort because Jenna is engaged to Steve Kazee and they have a child together, so I would imagine she’s eager to settle things with her ex.


NCIS, which has been on the air since low-rise jeans were the height of fashion, is launching a new spin-off in Hawai’i (to add to Los Angeles, New Orleans) starring Vanessa Lachey. This kind of network lead can do a lot for an actor’s security because it’s a steady paycheque plus residuals. Joining a well-established franchise and having a primetime slot on TV every week is great for visibility. Also, they will probably film in Hawai’i and that would be bonus.