David Beckham has had his driver’s license suspended for 6 months for talking on the phone while driving; he was photographed doing it. In his defense, David’s team said he needs it to do the school run – it didn’t work. David is frequently pictured driving in the city, at his country house, and riding motorcyles. This will definitely affect his day-to-day life (which is the point, and of course he can afford a driver), and it generates negative headlines. He won’t dare complain about it, so there is probably a plan to counteract it in place. 


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This outfit is better than what Gwyneth Paltrow wore to the Met Gala.


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Great cover of Ava DuVernay for Town & Country’s philanthropy issue. But it wouldn’t be a Town & Country without a headline that sounds like satire; this month it’s Where’s Mommy? A Summer Camp Guide to Plastic Surgery. This has piqued my curiosity. Is this a guide to summer camps that keep kids occupied so moms can have plastic surgery, or is it a summer camp for moms who have had plastic surgery? I need answers, Town & Country.

Selena Gomez last released a full album in 2015, but it doesn’t feel like a four-year break because she’s had a few hit singles. She has been hinting at new music, and I’m curious to see how the rollout and schedule will be managed. The traditional album cycle and tour? A surprise drop and a couple of strategic appearances? She, along with Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, are rewriting the expectation on hot artists who have to balance their physical and mental health with the demands of the business. Think of how much that has changed from previous generations of pop stars.


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I read what I think might be legit Game of Thrones leaks. I regret nothing.


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I can’t decide if choosing clothes for Diane – who hasn’t worn colour in 4 years – is really easy, or really hard. It’s restrictive but it’s also specific. It’s probably harder to shop for people who like everything – prints, monochromatic suits, jeans, dresses. I like this look on her, not because of the color, but because of the cut of the dress. What would be really shocking is if she wore a bandage dress. Can you imagine?


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I would say it’s both. If you’re wondering about her status, apparently Fred Armisen joined her for the Met afterparty.