Katy Perry dresses very literally for the Met Gala theme – remember when she went as an angel? With wings? When I first saw these Christmas boots, I assumed the bow was a decoration, not part of the shoe. But it’s Katy Perry so of course it’s part of the shoe. But sometimes being literal works for her, like the demure floral dress she wore to meet Prince Charles. She looks great.  Perfect choice.


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Idris Elba has been fine since the dawn of time. 


Clyde is a magnificent name for a dog. 


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Instagram has started removing likes from accounts, but I’m curious as to how much engagement a post like this gets. It’s Poppy Delevingne’s beauty routine.

Do American audiences follow Poppy? She’s certainly famous in England but it’s an interesting choice for American Vogue. I wonder what this ties into, because it must be something. 


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Between the print-mixing and avant-garde haircut, maybe January Jones was just way ahead of her time.


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In the casting for Daisy Jones and the Six, we focus a lot on young Daisy. But there’s also grown Daisy, the one who narrates the story. When is this series getting made?!


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“Fat cat” has a negative connotation; I always think of a rich oil baron who uses orphans as footstools, which is strange because everyone loves fat cats. Fat cats are having a moment, like Cinderblock, whose treadmill work inspired us all. Now there is Viktor, whose owner used a body double to circumvent the size restrictions on a flight. Viktor has girth. Viktor has some junk in the trunk. Viktor cannot and will not be contained by “carrier restrictions.” (Also his owner got away with using a cat body double, a cattydouble, and then posted about it on Facebook like a dumbass. He told on himself. Viktor deserves better.) Jennifer Hudson doesn’t have anything to do with this story but she has a cat and she is in the upcoming movie, Cats. 


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