In her opener this morning, Lainey wrote about Leonardo DiCaprio’s well-attended birthday party


I have another observation here but it’s not about Leo, it’s about Tobey Maguire. He attended the party and then left (with a brunette) and went to dinner later (with a blonde). This has me so confused because if you are attending a huge bash for your BFF, are you then leaving to go on a date? Or double booking yourself that night? It makes no sense to me! It’s not like Leo’s party wouldn’t have had food or people on hand to go find whatever the guests wanted (hilariously, PEOPLE says the party was “catered” – ya, we know Leo isn’t throwing together a vegan cheese plate himself). This has me befuddled. Like if I’m going to anyone’s birthday party, they have me for the night. Why did Tobey bounce on his boy like that? 


Camila Morrone was not photographed at the party and it seems like Leo doesn’t really stay tight with his exes, but she did post a photo album that included one of the dogs they adopted. So does this mean she kept custody of Jack and Jill in the split?


Just as well attended as Leo’s birthday is the Baby2Baby gala, which was hosted this weekend by Mindy Kaling. There are too many names to list here but several stars recorded personal messages for Kim Kardashian, recipient of The Giving Tree Award. 


Kaavia James Union Wade turned four with an epic Encanto-themed birthday party. This isn’t just some cake pops and balloons, this is a whole village and costumes. This is a party planning committee. 

Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield have teamed up for cannabis-infused “ears,” which will probably sell out instantly. It’s been decades since their fight and if they are able to laugh and make money off it. Feuds make for a great marketing gimmick. 


Two of the best supporting actors on the best TV shows – 65 and 77 years old, respectively, and just having the time of the lives. Adored by their peers, fan favourites and no DeuxMoi posts about what they had for brunch. This seems like the ideal kind of celebrity.