Fair play. 

This table setting is a lot. Very busy. Where do you put the platters of food? And how do you talk over all the sticks? I’m short – I’d need a booster seat to see over these things. I guess some hosts set up buffet tables and don’t put the food on the dinner table still – this doesn’t seem very comfortable. I don’t want to eat a bird while feathers brush my knuckles. 


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Do I really need to read about your apple picking expedition with your mother-in-law before I get to the 7 layer dip recipe?

The best way to digest is by checking the phone at the table while other people are still eating.


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Just casually sitting on my husband’s shoulders like a toddler.


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This is a what I like to call an attitude of gratitude.

When Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello win, her vile ex loses. For that reason alone, we should be happy for them.


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The Kushners were probably very missed at Hugh Jackman and Wendi Deng’s annual Thanksgiving party.


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Have you read up on the Dolce & Gabbana controversy in China? (If not, here are some details.) It’s interesting because this is about D&G pissing off a very lucrative, very social media savvy Chinese market (and being racist in the process). In the past, it was gatekeepers like Anna Wintour who could “end” a brand or designer. Everything that has happened with D&G has been fuelled by bloggers, particularly Diet Prada, and Chinese social media platform Weibo. Dolce & Gabbana is a very well-established brand and I wonder who will rally for them (in terms of editors and celebrities) and who will drop them. (Lainey: my prediction is Scarlett Johansson. She’ll speak up for them as an “Asian”.)


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Justin Timberlake is just dying to get noticed as he does this. Watch his body language.


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Taylor Swift makes it Insta-official with Joe Alwyn – she also included dates and cities in her Instagram stories. 


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